Meet Roger Wilkinson – a convert from buy-to-let

Meet Roger Wilkinson – a convert from buy-to-let

“The tax changes mean I won’t be investing directly in properties any more. I’ll be investing with you from now on.”

Roger Wilkinson moved to Spain twenty years ago. He lives in the pretty Andalucian town of Mijas Costa, up the coast from Marbella, for the sunshine and lifestyle. For work he runs a prosperous publishing business, and is an experienced buy-to-let investor.

“I first heard about Property Partner through Google Ads. When I first looked at it I wasn’t sure about the legality as I live in Spain. A year later I had another look, spoke to the team and thought I would get involved.”

Roger had already built up a portfolio of buy-to-let properties in the south-east of England, as well as Manchester and Blackpool. He researched the Property Partner proposition and found that it made more sense than going at it alone.

“It was the simplicity I liked. No hassle. You look after everything, so I know the potential returns. It was credibility that made me trust you. I looked at the guys running the company, and who the investors are, and found it reassuring.”

The team behind Property Partner are experienced entrepreneurs. Board members include Ed Wray, who founded Betfair, and Neil Rimer, co-founder of renowned venture capital house Index Ventures.

Property Partner makes it simple to find the right investment opportunities. There are properties all over the UK, and it’s easy to browse the flats and houses on offer. Click on a property and there’s a wealth of resources available to help the selection process.

An investment calculator shows forecast potential returns. The House Price Index displays the historic price changes. Clear commentary explains concepts such as dividend yield and mortgage type so even novices can understand the details and make informed decisions.

Roger found the layout and information on Property Partner helpful to finding the right locations.

“I’ve made a substantial investment in a number of properties. These include two in Brighton, Graham Road, Hendon and Stevenage. Also Rugby, which was a speculative investment. It niggled me so I sold the 18,000+ shares. I was amazed they all sold in three days – at a profit. This really excited me about the business.”

The last point is important – investors can exit their investment at any time. Properties on our marketplace have a 5-year exit mechanic, at which point investors are given the option to sell at fair market value. However, some investors may want to sell before then. Maybe they need the cash, believe market conditions have changed, or simply see a better deal elsewhere. Our unique Resale market makes this easy by allowing investors to sell shares directly to other Property Partner clients, bringing liquidity to a historically illiquid asset class.

It is simple to track the values of shares on the Resale market as they move over time. The market means shares can be sold incrementally, if needed. This is a substantial advantage over traditional buy-to-let investing where buying or selling is either all or nothing.

Roger believes the combination of easy-to-use property selection, combined with the data, makes the platform a far better bet than his old approach of managing buy-to-let himself.

“A good mix, that’s what you want. I see my investments as a long-term thing. I would hold for even longer than five years. I regard Property Partner as a good vehicle. It’s very low risk, with management costs and everything else included. It offers a decent return, and is a superb product. I’ve mentioned it to 20 or 30 people in the past year.”