How Auto-Invest can Work for You

How Auto-Invest can Work for You

Auto-Invest is a great solution for landlords that want diversification across their property portfolio, without the time constraints of researching and selecting individual properties themselves.

The feature automatically deploys your funds across the next five new property listings, as chosen by our expert property team. You can also set up a monthly payment to grow your portfolio further, and the dividends you earn on your properties can also be automatically reinvested if you have this feature enabled.

Another benefit is that auto-investments get priority over manual contributions. As an example, a recent property was 2.5X oversubscribed, but the auto-investments were not subject to scale-back, and were fully allocated.

We also offer an inflation-beating, special interest rate of 3% for funds that have been committed to Auto-invest but have not yet been invested in a property.

Investors depositing over £50,000 in advance can earn even higher interest, details of which are available via your dedicated account manager. Please contact us if you would like to access this scheme.



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